Why I Refuse to Help You Get Your Ex Back

by: Melissa M. Snow

Recently I’ve been looking at podcasts and relationship blogs and I can’t believe the number of “coaches” out there promising to help you get your ex back.

I understand this is a real need some of you think you have, but I REFUSE to be a part of it.

In fact, if I’m asked to be a guest on a podcast or contribute to a blog that has such content, I won’t do it.

I don’t care how popular it is or how many people I could reach.


And here’s why…

Your ex is your ex for a reason.

I don’t care if you were the dumper or the dumped.

I don’t care if you were together for three weeks or three years.

I don’t care what bullshit story you are telling yourself about how it just “wasn’t a good time in his life” or you were “just really focused on your career back then.”

At some point, somewhere, at least one of you decided that you were so committed to NOT being in this relationship anymore that you decided to end it.

Most of the time, the only reason you are even considering going back is because your mind is running that bullshit story trying to get you back in your comfort zone.

Even though you know in your heart that relationship isn’t right for you, your mind will still try to convince you that being out here alone, without him, is WAAAAAY too scary and dangerous and you should go back to him because it’s COMFORTABLE.

Not because it’s good.

Not because it’s healthy.

Not because it’s right.

But because it’s comfortable.

And that, my friend, is not a good enough reason.

So no, I won’t help you get your ex back.

What I will do, is help you fall in love with your own self again or maybe for the first time.

What I will do, is help you discover how freaking beautiful, funny, smart, valuable, worthy and awesome you are – without him.

What I will do, is help you get your shit together so you can go out there and live your best life and let the right guy come along when he’s good and ready.

Because here’s the thing – maybe he already came around once but you were too busy trying to figure out how to get back together with old whats his name and you didn’t even notice.

Don’t believe the lies your brain tells you to try to keep you stuck.

You deserve better.

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