You deserve to know if I’m trustworthy. (Spoiler alert: I am.)

After all, to get the results you want, you’ll need to put a lot of trust in me.

Inside your 1:1 coaching sessions, you’ll share important and sensitive information. We’ll explore your biggest fears and deepest desires. Some of it might even surprise you. It gets personal but don’t worry, it’s also super fun!

Earning your trust is a responsibility and honor I take very seriously.

These beautifully brave women allowed me to share their thoughts about working with me. I hope their words inspire you to believe in your own potential for happiness, respect, and loving relationships.



“Absolutely loved working with Melissa. When the mind is ‘stuck’ or the thoughts are ‘spinning’ she is amazing at bringing anxiety down and leveling my emotions. It was so helpful to know my thoughts were not fact, but merely opinion, and to have her in my corner, letting me know that ‘I can do all the things’ and have all the power over my own life.”

Holly McClain


“Relationship coaching with Melissa will provide you with such personal insight that you will actually trust in yourself. What Melissa teaches and guides you through comes from her expertise, unique wisdom and incredible coaching skill! Give yourself this gift, you deserve it!”

Molly Knoderer


“Melissa has taught me that by honoring my own boundaries, I deserve to be happy as well. Now, when my boundaries are being challenged, I often hear Melissa's message and feel validated to speak up for myself; it's really made a positive impact on my life and I am grateful. Melissa creates a safe space for open, honest discussion and personal growth!”



“Melissa is an incredible coach. She lays it out with love, simplicity, and honesty. When I talk to her, I feel like I'm talking to someone that I've known for years. And, she calls me on my B.S. in a way that feels like only a sister can do. Then, she teaches me how to love by showing me that I'm worthy of love. Melissa is a bright example to me, and is the coach we all want and deserve in our court.”

Bonni Massa


“Melissa’s coaching has been life changing for me! Her coaching style always puts me at ease and her coaching is always spot on! She has helped me to see my life in a whole new light! I’m so grateful for Melissa!! She has taught me tools that have empowered me to take back control of my life and my relationships!”

Phoenix Sagen


“Melissa has a masterful way of knowing how to frame questions and topics that make you think differently; to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. She has a way of reframing your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction.”

Laura Kelly


“Melissa Snow is the real deal. She is an extremely talented coach. Not only have I learned so much from her, but she has allowed me to gain true insight into my past relationship problems. The Love Starts Here Podcast has also been extremely helpful for me to gain manageable nuggets of wisdom to bring back to coaching sessions. I'm grateful to be able to continue to work with her.”

Heather Mather


“Melissa's coaching is competent, truthful, insightful and spot on! She exhibits a comfortable atmosphere while targeting the problem(s) with inquisitive and curious questions. Her candor is refreshing and enlightening, and frequently provides a perspective which I hadn't considered on my own! She's a wonderful coach who I highly recommend to others!”

Work on yourself to get the type of relationships and love you deserve.

My mission is to help women improve the romantic relationships in their lives starting with the relationship they have with themselves. I believe that being happy and emotionally healthy on your own will allow the other things to fall into place and to attract the same in others.
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