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Becoming a Happy Health and Whole Person

By Melissa M. Snow

In the last episode, we talked about why it's not essential to love yourself in order to love someone else, but before you can have the kind of love you want and deserve, you DO have to be a happy, healthy and whole person. In this episode, we're exploring what that means, how to know […]

Do You Really Have to Love Yourself Before You Can Love Someone Else?

By Melissa M. Snow

We've all heard it said before: "You have to love yourself before you can love someone else." But is that really true? Today on Quest for Love, I'm debunking that myth and telling you why KNOWING yourself and ACCEPTING yourself are even more important than LOVING yourself. And I'm sharing exactly what I did to […]

How to Survive and Thrive Post-Breakup with Paige Wilhide

By Melissa M. Snow

In Episode 10 of Quest for Love, I gave you five tips to help you get over your ex, but what if you're just not there yet? If you're still in the post-breakup phase where emotions are high, raw and ever changing, and if you just can't see the light at the end of the […]

Five Tips for Moving On From Your Ex

By Melissa M. Snow

It doesn't matter if the breakup happened yesterday or last year. It doesn't matter whose decision it was or if it was mutual. It doesn't matter if you were together for two weeks or ten years...breakups are hard and moving forward can be a challenge. In today's episode I'm giving you FIVE tips to help […]

What You Can Learn from "Catfish"

By Melissa M. Snow

"Catfish" are never short on targets because there are so many men and women out there who are desperate to feel loved, appreciated, special, worthy and less crappy than they feel right now. If you don't know how to give that to yourself, you're likely looking for it from someone else. There are so many […]


By Melissa M. Snow

There's something you're still holding onto that you need to let go of so you can move into the new year with a clean slate. What is it? Forgiveness is the only way to clean up all the old junk in your house that is no longer serving you so you can make room for […]

Negative Core Beliefs and Self-Esteem

By Melissa M. Snow

No matter who you are or how you feel about yourself, there is always room for improvement when it comes to self-esteem, self-worth and self-value. When you believe that you are worthy and valuable just as you are - that you don't have to say the right things to do the right things or be […]

Radical Acceptance (or How to Not Hate Life)

By Melissa M. Snow

Radical acceptance has gotten me through some of the absolute worst times in my life and it seems like something we could all use more of right now. Radical acceptance is all about accepting the fact that some circumstances are out of your control and that you can't change the present facts, no matter how […]

Boundaries 101

By Melissa M. Snow

Are you struggling to get what you want and need from your partner? Do you have a hard time standing up for yourself? Is it hard for you to say no to certain people or in specific situations? Are you tired of wasting time and energy on relationships that aren't working? You likely either don't […]

Emotionally Unavailable Men

By Melissa M. Snow

The #1 reason women attract emotionally unavailable men is because they are emotionally unavailable in some way too! In this episode, we discuss what it means to be emotionally unavailable, how to spot an emotionally unavailable man, how to know if you are emotionally unavailable yourself and exactly what to do about it if you […]

Work on yourself to get the type of relationships and love you deserve.

My mission is to help women improve the romantic relationships in their lives starting with the relationship they have with themselves. I believe that being happy and emotionally healthy on your own will allow the other things to fall into place and to attract the same in others.
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