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How Knowing Your Core Values Can Change Your Love Life

By Melissa M. Snow

If you don't know what you value most, you don't know what kind of life or love you want to create. It's like getting in the car and driving when you have no idea what your destination is. You might find some places to stop and waste time but you're never actually going to get […]

How to Stop Obsessing Over Him

By Melissa M. Snow

We've all been there. You have an amazing date but then he doesn't call and you can't stop thinking about what went wrong, analyzing things with your friends, trying not to text him and failing... Or you break up and you're so sad and lonely and you keep wondering if you could have done something […]

How to Never Get Rejected Again

By Melissa M. Snow

Rejection feels terrible.  It brings up all sorts of shame and sadness and unworthiness...but what if I told you that after today you would NEVER get rejected again? Check out this episode of Quest for Love to find out how YOU can make sure you NEVER get rejected again.  It's all in your control and […]

Self Confidence Secrets

By Melissa M. Snow

Where would you rate your self-confidence on a scale from 1-10?  Why? Most people base their self-confidence on their past results.  The problem with this is that it keeps you stuck and stops you from dreaming, from growing and from trying anything new. In this podcast, I give you a NEW definition of self-confidence that […]

What Most Coaches Won't Tell You About Anxiety and Depression

By Melissa M. Snow

This episode is for anyone who has struggled or is struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. or anyone who wants to help support someone who is. Mindset is a powerful tool, even when it comes to things like anxiety, depression, addiction, etc.   Although changing your thoughts cannot cure or eliminate any of these things […]

How to Stop Being Confused

By Melissa M. Snow

These are the stories I hear all the time… I'm so confused - everything was going great but then he ghosted me for three weeks and now he's back with no explanation! I'm so confused - he said he just wanted to just be friends, but were still hooking up! I'm so confused - one […]

My Story (and why it matters to you...)

By Melissa M. Snow

In this episode, I'm sharing a little about me and my story and why I do what I do! I want you all to know that where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be. Life isn't happening TO you, its happening FOR you! Even when you feel hopeless and lost […]

Should You Stay or Go?

By Melissa M. Snow

Whether you've been dating for a few months or you've been married for 20 years, the decision to stay in the relationship or end it can be confusing and painful. Your brain goes crazy with soooo many thoughts.... Did I try hard enough? Could I have done more? Are my friends right? What if I […]

How to Identify and Handle Red Flags Like a Boss

By Melissa M. Snow

Red flags are one of the things I'm asked about most often.  Women always want to know, "he did this - is it a red flag?" or "my friends think this is a red flag but I'm not sure…" In today's episode we cover: How trusting yourself (and being able to trust others) will make […]

What is Love?

By Melissa M. Snow

What is Love? It sounds like a pretty obvious questions but it's easy to get caught up in your thoughts and feelings. It's easy to lose sight of your boundaries, your values, your dreams. In today's episode, we're discussing four truths that might be hard for some of you to swallow, but you NEED to […]

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My mission is to help women improve the romantic relationships in their lives starting with the relationship they have with themselves. I believe that being happy and emotionally healthy on your own will allow the other things to fall into place and to attract the same in others.
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