Perfectionism, Sex Clubs and Self-Love with Ashleigh Renard, Author of "Swing"

by: Melissa M. Snow

In her new book "Swing" Ashleigh Renard tells the story of how she rehabbed shabby marriage.  But her book is about SO much more than that.

In this episode, Ashleigh joins me to talk about her experience with overcoming perfectionism, people pleasing and constantly worrying about what other people think.

She also shares her insight on action vs. mindset, lovability and how shifting your relationship with yourself can shift everything else in your life.

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To purchase a copy of her book, Swing, CLICK HERE!

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My mission is to help women improve the romantic relationships in their lives starting with the relationship they have with themselves. I believe that being happy and emotionally healthy on your own will allow the other things to fall into place and to attract the same in others.
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