9 Things That May Start To Feel Normal In A Toxic Relationships But Are Definitely Not

by: Melissa M. Snow

Hey Ladies,

I recently contributed to this piece that looks at toxic relationships and how easy it is to become accepting of unhealthy situations in relationships.

Believe me when I say, I have had my fair share.

I have been in relationships where I felt like I needed to apologize constantly – I’m sorry I burned our dinner, I’m sorry I move too much in my sleep, I’m sorry I laugh so loud, I’m sorry you don’t like my friends, I’m sorry my mom looked at you wrong…(I wish I was making this up)

I have been in relationships with men who were controlling but passed it off as “caring” or made me feel guilty for not wanting to do things like share my I-Phone location or ditch my friends.

I have been in relationships with guys who were incredibly jealous and I have been the insanely jealous one.

I have had plenty of relationships that were full of secrets and blame and arguments and DRAMA.

So if any of this sounds familiar, you’re definitely not alone!

I see this all the time with my clients who come to me with stories about their relationships that they think are completely normal/healthy/ok but totally aren’t!

The trouble is, usually once you realize you are in a toxic situation you are already very deep in an unhealthy relationship that can be difficult to get out of.

But once you start to realize that these “normal” things are actually signs of an unhealthy and toxic relationship, you can either work with your partner to change them (if it’s worth it) or find a way to move on.

Here are some things that can start to feel normal in a toxic relationship, according to experts:

  • Daily Apologies
  • Controlling Behaviors
  • Blame
  • Unfairness
  • Name Calling
  • Secrecy
  • Jealousy
  • Drama
  • No Sense of “Self”

If any of this sounds familiar, CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE!

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